Saturday, 17 July 2010


Today I had a much needed Jane-Day. I'm often so amazed at how I can forget what little things I can do to relax, regain my equilibrium and lift my spirit. I had a leisurely morning, listening to music I've not listened to for years and generally pottering about. I decided to take my camera on a walk into town and to the antiques shop and along the river. I happened on another antiques fair on my way and fell in love with a beautiful china tea set and, so, had to make a quick trip home with my loot before continuing on my merry way. I bought a new little notebook for my handbag (yes, another one of these) and sat on a bench by the river and penned a few ideas and snapped some wildlife. Then I came home to delicious leftovers from last night's dinner party and now I'm enjoying my sun-drenched sitting room and imagining vintage tea parties with my new tea set.

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