Friday, 23 April 2010

Epiphany #1

What has evolution taught me.........that things adapt and change and move on and die and grow and begin and end......what is now considered native may not have been here before the last ice age......and when we strive to conserve and restore to a native natural state we only know the most recent reference point and not the unknown that went before...........therefore I should not feel pressured into sticking fast to "traditions" and "norms" and "rules".

Monday, 12 April 2010

Sew and Reap

I'm really excited about the sewing machine my parents gave me for my birthday and I've been reading up on how to use it and how and what to sew. My first project will be some cushions in these lovely fabrics.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Invest in Your Future "You"

Do you ever feel like you're on the verge of something great, that all roads lead to the source of all change in your life? I've got plans for a future that has been determined by me, not one that I've just fallen into. I want to orchestrate this chosen future but I'm scared, scared that I'll fail, scared that I'll succeed, scared that it'll be a lot of work, scared of stepping out of my comfort zone and of people watching me do that. Talk of entrepreneurial flair has caused me to think that my ideas could never work for surely I am not one of those people with that extraordinary gift? And yet, I keep coming back to this plan, these ideas, this future. So doesn't this all point to me having my share of entrepreneurial drive, and isn't that enough? Over the last number of months I've been brainstorming with more direction, drive and hope.

One of the most inspiring blogs I read is White Hot Truth by Danielle Laporte, which I found via the wonderful Ink on My Fingers. Danielle Laporte has opened my eyes to action, to believing in yourself and to promoting yourself. And while these were all ideas I held in my heart, they weren't ones I wore on my sleeve every day. Even White Hot Truth itself is somewhat outside my comfort zone: the directness of speech; the bold statements; the speed of thought, action and change are all different from the usual padded prose I subscribe to. Danielle Laporte made me begin to see my potential, the realism of my ideas and my ability to achieve them. She is not just inspiring, she fires you into action. I longed for one of her Fire Starter Sessions, a one-on-one appraisal of your plans, your business or your business-to-be and Danielle's directed, clear advice on how to improve, expand and reach your goals. So I'm really excited that all this wisdom is now available to buy digitally and I'm proud to be an affiliate.

On May 12th, Danielle is launching the Fire Starter Sessions ebook/video/audio/workbook at a cost of $150 (a snip of the $500 cost of a one-on-one Fire Starter Session). The pre-launch has already kicked off and you can pre-order your book now. True to form, Danielle has self-published this work and is distributing the digital book herself. Click on the pictures to read more and if you pre-order your copy today you will receive a sneak preview of one chapter sent instantly to you digitally. While the Fire Starter Sessions is aimed at entrepreneurs I find Danielle's wisdom and advice is revealing and inspiring for anyone with a dream in life.

"I want as many people as possible to feel and shine their light, ever brighter - and to create deep freedom while doing it." Danielle Laporte