Monday, 10 May 2010

Yellow and Grey

I recently saw an image of yellow and grey textiles which got me thinking about how well these two colours harmonise and how the combination really appeals to me. I’ve been gravitating more towards the colour yellow lately and I love the happy playfullness of it.

Image credits: 1. Alankin 2. mmoca 3. Marcobillo 4. Polly Wreford

Isn’t it curious that these two colours go so well together when they are often thought of as symbolising two very different states of mind. The colour yellow is stimulating and is associated with lightness of mood, springtime, warmth and happiness.

Image credits: 1. Door Sixteen 2. Southern Living via The Lennoxx 3. Brandon Barré Photography for 4. Ferm Living via Blue Moss

Stoic grey, on the other hand, has long been used as a descriptor of the dull, the undefined, the lifeless and the boring. And yet, together, this combination is harmonius and relaxing with an underlying joy. Interestingly, both are associated with intellect and ageing and the passage of time.

Image credits: 1. Susan Weinroth 2. 3. Little Green Notebook 4. StefenyStanyer

Of course, grey is also a very natural neutral colour and evokes a solid, earthy nature. The combination itself keeps reminding me of their natural combination in the yolk of an egg!

Image credits: 1. Naturesam9 2. Alastair139 3. Eren|thisvintagechica 4. Photophilde

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