Monday, 3 August 2009

I'm on a new path

I can feel it today, a new start. I could feel it when I woke up. I just knew that today was the day.
And so it was, I made myself some early morning "Love" tea to take back to bed with me while I eased myself into my new day and my new me with postive thoughts and intentions of a more organised, productive, calmer, creative, fulfilled me. I think this has been brewing for a little while now with various random things contributing to the feeling of change from beach huts and icecreams, pretty flowers, summer dresses and re-acquainting myself with forgotten music loves to newspaper articles and blog posts and a million emotions in between. I'm so looking forward to the new me, the me that was there all along.


  1. Hi Jane,

    You asked about my tea pot - it's from target, I got it about a year ago. I hope you are able to find one too!


  2. Thanks Livy. Let the search commence! Jane